Tim and Nicky's Farm to Table Wedding, Wisconsin

Let's get back to the raw emotion of love. in it's purest form. with natural light. and film. just because. Don't  stop to pose, just live your day. All that hardwork of planning and decision making and creating. Beautiful handmade decorations, homemade cookies, handmade wedding rings. Wildflowers picked by friends. Heirloom jewelry from their mother's and grandmothers tied on to her bouquet. The bar built by hand by the groom himself. 

This bride got dressed that morning under a tree in the backyard she grew up in. The groom wrote his vows in the field that morning, away from everyone. I photographed her beautiful boudoir session in a bog. she was barefoot. both were barefoot most of the day. I think I counted the groom putting his shoes on for an entire hour out of the whole day. 

This sweet couple opted for a first touch instead of a first look. He took the time to write her a love note that morning in the backyard of the farm. 

on a typewriter.  

The same morning he would pledge in front of all of their most important people his love to her forever. When he gave it to her, it was around the corner of a barn, having not yet laid his eyes on his beautiful bride. He called out to her from the other side. She cried big lovely tears which I captured through my shutter. 

They both prepared all morning to see each other. in separate locations. The anticipation of wanting to see each other almost becoming too much for both them and for their guests to bear. and myself. They got married outside that afternoon. at a friend's farm. 

They wanted to get married outside, so they did. She wanted to enter the ceremony through doors, so she did. 

And then, when he saw her, he cried. big lovely tears. 

And they planted a tree, burned sage, and he couldn't stop staring at her. the entire evening. At one point in the evening, when they had their first dance in front of the barn,  and he thanked everyone for coming, he cried out how much he loved her. He called her by a sweet nickname he always calls her by. "My Rose". 

and so shall she be his sweet Rose forever.  

And it's days like these, stories like this, that make me feel so alive. and so privileged to witness and capture the most beautiful thing in life. love.

Brides Dress: Vintage
Styling and Design by: Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann
Bride and Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup by: 
Jordyn Vickers
Well Spa and Salon Milwaukee 
Dinner table place cards: Calligraphy by Honey Honey
Music: Blue Grass Allstars

Contax 645
Portra 400
Scans by Film Box Lab