About Andrea

Hello! I’m Andrea. An artist and photographer currently based out of Northeast Wisconsin. 

Life has taken me on an incredible journey in the last 10 years moving to Africa, the Florida Keys, the Dominican Republic, then Australia, pursuing a Masters, and marrying my soulmate. While I’m not sure where to call home, I can narrow it down to someplace in the United States that’s warm and near the ocean.

Both of my parents were artists. My father who was first a carpenter, now works with ceramic tile, and my mother- a painter. As a child growing up on the east coast of Florida, I can remember wandering underneath my mother’s workspace while she painted for hours. As I grew older, I would sit next to her, watching her every brush stroke, eventually painting right along side her. It was during my childhood that I fell in love with art, specifically with creating images- and started to paint and draw from photographs I found in old National Geographic and Time magazines.

I’ve always loved photography, but didn’t start pursuing it professionally until I relocated with my husband to Australia in 2012. Having shot with film for years, I recently moved into digital and now have a love affair with both. I realized my love for writing during my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, went on to write a thesis for my Masters in Public Health, successful grants for non-profits, and finally starting writing for myself a few years ago. It was then that I realized how much I loved telling my own stories.

This is exactly why I love photography. Every person has their own story. I love using my camera to capture their story- photo by photo. 

From my experience, the stories are there, just waiting to be told. The setting, the individuals, all the details are what make it so special. It will be beautiful because it's you and it's happening. Organically. 

I've watched my talent for telling a story blossom in the last few years. Telling stories is my favorite thing. Capturing them is my passion.