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Holiday Ocean

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Andrea Naylor CalendarAndrea Naylor 2023 Coastal Calendar

I am so excited to share an early preview of my 2023 Calendar. This year, after a 2-year hiatus on traveling back to my home state due to COVID, my visit back to the sunshine state awakened my childhood dream of painting the ocean. We stayed beach-side for our trip and I filled hundreds of pages of my sketchbook as I watched the waves crash each day. My sketchbooks were a part of my "100 Day Project" which was a personal project I embarked on at the beginning of this year. I learned an immense amount about what I'm drawn to and how to continue to hone in on my style of work. I was drawn to patterns in the waves and colors that reflected themselves in the clouds, water, and sky. During my time I spent in my sketchbook ( I logged over 200 days this year alone) I started to develop a rhythm and work from a more intuitive place. I reached for colors based on how I was feeling that day, and made marks based on how being next to the ocean made me feel in that moment. Each day the ocean gave me a new energy, a new face, and the waves were different each day. This calendar is a product of all of this. Painting the ocean is a dream come true for me and I love creating things like this that will hang in your home for the entire year- and for years to come!

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