Growing up on the East Coast of Florida, Andrea Naylor was exposed to a strong coastal culture rich in art and surfing. Her passion for Public Health led her to join the Peace Corps in her early 20s and move to a remote fishing village in Ghana, West Africa. Post Peace Corps, Andrea returned to the U.S. and lived and worked at a Marine Science Education Center in the Florida Keys for a year. She went on to pursue a Masters in Global Public Health and to live and work abroad in Niger, The Dominican Republic, Australia, Malawi, and most recently Jamaica. It was when she was living abroad in Australia that she started painting again full-time. Self-taught, she paints from her film photographs, prefers independent study, and painting with bright heavy-bodied acrylics. She draws inspiration from living along the coast of Lake Michigan and spending a great deal of time outside, which has allowed her to develop a unique style. She has exhibited her work in Florida and here in Door County, Wisconsin and she currently sells her work in her online shop, by appointment at her studio, and through annual exhibitions. To date Andrea has traveled to over 30 countries and participated in over twenty art exhibitions.