Painting Outside

Beach Plein Air

Andrea Naylor Artwork Painting Plein Aire

*Photo by Annie Parish Photography

Summer. The season I flourish as a human. I was born at the end of May and Summer was how my soul started out in this world. I remember as a child I used to cry when summer was over and I had to go back to school. My soul felt suffocated in a classroom all day. I was always looking out the window, dreaming of when school would end and I could play. As I got older and started to understand "time", I was mortified when my Mother helped me realize that summer was only 3 months long. (Naturally, I thought summer was one year long, and school was one year long). From that moment on, I remember how much I treasured my summers. Well into my teenage years, I spent my summer swimming, riding my bike, chasing and collecting butterflies/lizards/bugs. School dragged on after high school for me, but I went to pursue my undergraduate degree in South Florida and realized that it was warmer than my home in Central Florida and I was hooked. Hooked on warm weather 365 days a year. From then on I made it a point to never leave the equatorial zone. I was like a lizard. I was cold-blooded, or so I thought, and I convinced myself I could never survive north of Hobe Sound and never outside of Florida. that is until I met my husband and 7 years later he convinced me to move to Wisconsin. 


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