Plein Air Painting

Plein Air

Andrea Naylor Artwork Plein Air Painting

Andrea Naylor Artwork Painting Plein Air

I love painting outside. It's my preferred way of creating work and I create a lot of work during the summer season because of this. Here's a few of my favorite things that I take with me when I paint:

Heavy-bodies acrylics: a limited palette

Oil pastels

Goache Paints: Since they are small I like to take my whole set as it fits in my box nicely. 

Neo-color Crayons- my favorite for quick sketches as they are water soluble

1-2 Long handled brushes varied in sizes. Longer handles help keep my paint strokes loose and relaxed. 

Pencil and Sharpener

Lastly: my polaroid camera. It helps me capture the exact light and shadows I'm painting in the moment. That way if I get pulled away from a piece I'm working on, I can come back to it later. 

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