Queen Conch Shells

Conch Shells

Andrea Naylor Artwork queen Conch shells

Using Oil Pastels and beautiful handmade paper, I worked to convey the magic of summertime in these playful pieces. Growing up, seashells were always my treasures. I hid them in my pockets as a young girl, and as I grew up, my beach bag was always filled with them. I traveled the world and always brought back a shell (since I always had my sights set on the closest beach no matter where I went). I measured the quality of my summer by how many times I went to the beach and the quality of my beach trip by how long I was able to spend walking the beach in search of the perfect shell for that day. It never failed that while I was walking, I would fill my hands, my pockets, and those pockets of whomever was walking with me full of shells. Some days I searched for one type of shell and other days, I was looking for an old cup or bag so I could collect every “perfect” shell though I was miles from my beach blanket. As I've grown older now, I still have all those shells. My children play with them in my studio, turning the cool shells over in their hands, sand falling from the far corners of the earth I collected them from. And in the most beautiful way, every single shell I've ever collected has made it's way into the cycle of our lives.

The nostalgia seashells have always held for me is the inspiration behind this collection. Using minimal lines and rich colors reminiscent of sunsets, I had so much fun creating these pieces.

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