Self Portraits + The Moon

Artist in Residency Playful Project Self Portrait

Andrea Naylor Self Portraits

Week 3 into my “Playful Project” and I have found myself turning inward for some self reflection. This week was full of remembering and story telling and if we're being honest: healing. This week, I dove into painting a series of self portraits: something I've been wanting to explore for years as an artist. My goal is to paint a self portrait a day between each full moon (for the next 28 days). I use a mirror to do the portraits, and decide colors based on how I'm feeling that day. It's been fun to work on these daily self-portraits and look back at them. When I look back at them, I can remember exactly what I was thinking and how I was feeling that day. It's been fun to see what emerges each day on my paper. If you've never tried a self-portrait, I would encourage you to try it! Even if you are not an artist, it's a wonderful exercise that will lead to magical things if you open your heart to it.

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