Welcoming a new season and a new soul

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Recently we took a trip to the island of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. It was a magical trip for us with so much nostalgia woven into so many unexpected moments. We planned the trip months ago to celebrate our 40th birthday and within a few weeks of planning it, we found out we were pregnant and it quickly turned into a baby moon. Ironically, we had planned a trip to the place we had our last baby moon and unironically, we planned to visit the island chain where we met, fell in love, had our first kiss, and got engaged over ten years ago. It all felt like divine timing.

The last few months have been a season of rest for me. I can feel myself slowing down, doing less, worrying less, sitting more, and just being. We've been leaning pretty hard into summer. It's amazing to think this will be my last summer season with just two babies. I am just overjoyed about welcoming another soul into our lives in the next few months.

This pregnancy feels different that the other two. I have been savoring every day, every moment, every kick even more than I ever did before. It feels really wonderful to be experiencing all the things that come with a third pregnancy and I feel alot of my emotions coming through in my work... including themes of nesting, loving, resting, and just being.

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