Motherhood Artist in Residency

“The Womb is a Body of Water”

Body Prints: “Metamorphosis”

Painting Series #1: “Bodies of Water"

Pottery, Ceramics: “Vessels”

Quilting: “Stories”

Photography: “Self Portraits”

Painting Series #2: “Twilight ‘till Dawn”

Andrea is currently focusing on a new body of work inspired by her identity as a mother, her intuitive connection to body, her womb, and her children, and her experience navigating this season of her life. To read more about her Motherhood Artist in Residency click here.

Andrea's work is influenced by her experience as a mother, both emotionally and physically. Andrea views pregnancy as a portal to personal power that has opened her eyes to the sacred period of this time in her life that is motherhood. She regularly works with her children in the studio and her work is influenced by observing them work uninhibited. To see more of Andrea working in the studio with here children over the years click here.