100 Day Project

100 Day Project Beach Plein Air Seaside sketchbook

Andrea Naylor Artwork 100 Day Art Project

Andrea Naylor Artwork 100 Day Project

Andrea Naylor Artwork 100 Day Project Florida Beach

Andrea Naylor Artwork Sketchbook

Andrea Naylor @AndreaNaylorArtwork

This "100 Day Project" was born out of a desire to dive deeper into my own intuition on how I chose color palettes, themes I am drawn to, and how continue to evolve as I interpret light. I promised myself I would paint in several dedicated sketchbooks for 100 days straight from February through May 12. There were a few days in the beginning where I made just some simple marks, many days in between where I doubted why I even committed myself to this, and then there were days where I filled up page after page. There were days where I sat next to the ocean and painted until I could paint no more. I had breakthroughs with color and lines and shapes in my own brain I didn't know I could imagine. My sketchbooks were littered with dirty finger prints, smudged lines, and wrinkled and sandy pages. But they were only for me.

Always maintaining an appreciation for creating, sketching, and painting outside, this 100 day project (majority of which I worked outside to complete it) gave me a completely NEW appreciation for painting outside. I realized that my art practice goes hand in hand with it.

Some beautiful collage on paper pieces were born out of this project. You can view/purchase pieces from this collection here.

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