Inspiration behind my Waterscapes Collection

Summer Waterscapes

Andrea Naylor Artwork Waterscapes

Warm summer rain hits my nose and in one breath, the humid air fill my lungs with the sweetest smell. For me the summer season is a central part of my very existence and the driving force behind my paint strokes. This is the season when I spend every waking moment outside, sketchbook in hand. For me, it's the season of slowing down, listening to the song the birds are singing, watching as the wind moves the trees, and the waves lap against the shoreline. My inspiration comes from the feel of the sand beneath my feet, the smooth chalky feel of a lake stone in my hand, and the warm breeze against my face. Summer feels comfortable, easy, like an old friend you don't have to explain 6 backstories to, to understand where you're coming from. Summer nights feel like a much needed warm embrace. a long one. The magic of each day hides in the sunrise, the smell of the rain showers, the details of the butterfly wings, and the colors hiding in it all.

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