Inspiration Behind The Chairs: A Year of REST

chairs rest Still Life


 Rest. In 2023, upon the eve of giving birth to my third child, during my third trimester of a very hot summer, I learned an important lesson on rest. Resting is important for growth, for growing babies, for making milk to help babies grow, for children to grow, for adults to stay healthy. Sitting down, taking deep breaths, letting those feelings of being present just wash over me was not only calming and restful but also healing and expansive for me in so many ways. This “Rest” Collection was painted when I was in a period of deep rest and personal growth in my life late last summer. As my belly grew bigger, resting was an important part of staying healthy and for preparing my heart and mind for my own personal growth I would go through during my post-partum period. This series of paintings is personal to me as it a physical representation of that profound period of my third trimester. I’m so thankful for it.

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