Curiosity, Play, and Story-telling

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My “Playful Project” artist in residency sparked a story-telling streak in me that I won’t apologize for. I’ll never forget when I was painting portraits of my mother, sister, and grandmothers, my children were so inquisitive. They wanted to know their names, their favorite colors, their favorite foods, what did they do- where did they live?! The questions were endless and insightful. As I pursued the answers to their questions, it led me on my own magical journey of self-discovery. Family Patterns, legacy, and generational love. It was deep, and eye opening- and intoxicating to put it lightly. There was a sharper vision, a softer heart, and immense clarity. This experience led me to understand the importance of quietly tuning into, listening, and following my hearts desire. AND teaching my children how to do it. There’s an art to it- no pun intended. 

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