In the Studio with my "Paper Sea" Series


Andrea Naylor Artwork Paper Sea

Andrea Naylor Artwork

Andrea Naylor Artwork

Andrea Naylor Artwork Waterscapes

Andrea Naylor Artwork

Waterscapes are my favorite subject matter to paint and I love to visit this subject every chance I get! Since I was a teenager, sitting on Cocoa Beach on a lunch break from working at Ron Jon Surf Shop, I dreamed of growing up and filling my days endlessly painting the sea. Fifteen years later, I know I would make my 17 year old self proud following that original dream of mine. 

For this series, I worked to convey the magic of the waves as they hit the shoreline. Whether you imagine cold water or warm water hitting your legs, I want your imagination to dance on every detail of these waterscapes. 

"Paper Sea" is a playful study of waterscapes- a subject I love to revisit every chance I get. I have enjoyed using spare and simple lines in this series and experimenting with perspective. I hope you enjoy. 


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