Inspiration behind my Seaside Collection

Beach Mother Artist Seaside

White hot sand, deep sun shadows, wave washed shorelines- you can almost smell the humidity in these original works by Andrea Naylor. As a Florida Native and professional photographer living in Wisconsin, Andrea frequently travels to the sunshine state to visit family and spend time with her beloved Ocean. She regularly refers to the ocean as her "muse" and this collection is an exact representation of what a day at the beach looks like for her and her crew. Beach chair and umbrella or cabana while she nurses her baby, quick dip in the cool crisp ocean while her husband watches the children, all the while the sun baring down casting these delicious shadows. She leaves the beach with sandy toes, a baby on her hip with a diaper full of sand, her camera full of lovely memories- and its from these beautiful photos that she paints her collections. 

This Seaside Collection for me has been years in the making and I'm so excited to share it with you! 


Andrea Naylor

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