Inspiration behind the Painted Pottery Collection

Painted Pottery

Andrea Naylor Painted Plates

Andrea Naylor Painted Plates Collection Picasso

When Dreams Become Reality!! I've had this idea swimming and marinating in my head for over 2 years. After being inspired while looking at the evolution of Picasso's pottery journey, AND being heavily inspired by block printing in 2021, I had the idea to focus on painting pottery using simple gesture lines….


After troubleshooting for quite some time, I found a rhythm that worked for my style.  The results were mind-blowing for me. They satisfied a creative itch inside of myself that I'm not sure I can still put my finger on, but I'd say both learning to paint from an intuitive place was the biggest inspiration behind this AND a chance to challenge myself and then prove to myself I could learn and execute this medium specifically. I did it. I'm beyond excited to share a sneak peek behind the collection.

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