2022 Year in Review

daily painting sketchbook year in review

Welcome to my 2022 Year in Review! In December each year, I love reflecting on what were my highs and lows and lessons learned for each year. I thought I would share them here with you! Also a HUGE thank you to all of you who supported me this year in any way and welcome to all my new collectors and followers. This year I shipped out original work, prints, and products to people in almost every state here in the USA! I love sharing my work here in this space with you and I can't wait to dive into what 2023 holds for me.

2022 was the year of the sketchbook for me. I cataloged over 200 days of daily painting in my sketchbook and I have to share that it was life changing for me as an artist! The muscle memory, the freedom, oh how I learned so much about myself and new things were revealed in terms of colors, shapes, and fresh ideas! I am looking forward to embarking on new projects in 2023 that will challenge and refresh me. You can read more about my upcoming "Playful Project" here.

Andrea Naylor Vero Beach Painter Coastal Artist

Andrea Naylor Vero Beach Painter Coastal Artist

Andrea Naylor Artist Florida Door County Wisconsin The Pelican Gallery

Next up, my favorite painting of 2022: Sunset Glow. This piece was painted after a trip to my home state and was part of my "Seaside Collection".

Andrea Naylor Artwork Ocean Lake Sea Artist

Andrea Naylor Artist Door County Chicago Florida Painter

My favorite memory of 2022 was our trip to Florida and painting with my children in the studio. Getting to work alongside my children is such a pleasure for me. I learn so much from their uninhibited way of working and I love watching the shapes they make!

andrea naylor artist mother door county gallery painter

 My most challenging moment of this year was continuing to learn to balance being a mother along with being an artist. There is alot that goes into getting into the studio to paint regularly, market/launch each collection, and working to package and ship all of your orders. I am a one man show and I'm constantly learning how to prioritize my time and energy.

Andrea Naylor Michigan Artist

My most fun collection of 2022 was hands down my Paper Sea Collection! This collection was an extension of my 100 Day Project. Inspired by Matisse's cutouts, I spent time hand tearing painted watercolor paper and made them into collages I affectionately called "Seascapes on Paper"

Andrea Naylor Artwork

Andrea Naylor Matisse Cutouts

Andrea Naylor Seascapes on Paper

One of my most proud moments of 2022 was hand-painting and releasing my Painted Ceramics Dinnerware Collection! Inspired by Picasso's own journey with painting plates, I decided to paint a similar body of work with the idea of these being items you would use daily in your home and as heirlooms for occasions such as holidays and birthdays. I loved this project and how they turned out so much that I look forward to painting more this year.

Andrea Naylor Picasso Painted Plates

Andrea Naylor Door County Gallery Artist Picasso Ceramics

I hope you enjoyed this 2022 round up!

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