Inspiration behind the "Porch Table" Series

porch table Still Life

Andrea Naylor Artwork Door County Painter
The Inspiration behind the Porch Table Series stems from spending summers with my children outside. As summer approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days get longer and hotter, we spend a lot of time outside, and if you are a mom of little ones you know: it's all about the snacks. We eat snacks morning, noon, and night and the porch table is where we find refuge under the umbrella from the sunshine, to take a break from fishing, or from the afternoon rain. It feels like were always sticky from fruit on our hands and ice cream on our faces- and by "we" I mean my babies. I absolutely adore this season where the birds are singing, new flowers are blooming each week, and the sun is shining. The porch is always littered with wet towels, sandy shoes, fishing poles, life jackets, and sunscreen. It holds every flower they pick and bring to me, and every rock and bug they collect. This is a theme I've been drawn to painting since the pandemic started in 2020 and we found ourselves spending alot of time at home. I am excited to be revisiting this theme and releasing new work for this series. It has a major nostalgia for me as I continue to process how fast children grow and how much our world has changed since 2020. When I work on this series it is an ever-present reminder what a gift the present moment is and time is fleeting.
Andrea Naylor Door County WI
Andrea Naylor Artwork Porch Table Series Inspiration

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