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Beach Playful Project seashells

Andrea Naylor

Andrea Naylor Seashells hold power

Andrea Naylor

It's been a thing for me since I was younger: I like to collect things. Rocks, seashells, sand from a significant place. I put them in my pocket, in my bag, into a jar to place on my shelf. Sometimes this will trigger a need to expand into a bigger collection of items and usually these are seashells for me. I've done this since I was a young girl and I've always known that these objects hold power for me. They remind me of that moment, that feeling, the sounds, the smell. There's something powerful about a tangible object that ignites memories for me like fireworks. I recently started researching seashells and found that they hold significance with other cultures too especially as a funerary item within the Yoruba belief system to guide spirits back to the sea. When I stop to think about how long seashells have “been around”, it makes sense. I particularly enjoy bringing these objects into my studio and lately incorporating them into my work. 


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