Mother Artist

Mother Artist


Being a mother has been a part of my identity since I became pregnant and had my first child just a few years ago. But its only recently that motherhood has started peeking through in themes of my work. Deep Hot Shadows, Sandy beaches, umbrellas, beach chairs, wet beach towels. Let me explain...

Motherhood has grounded me in the sand more than ever before in my life. It's felt at times in the last few years as a new mother that I'm always standing "onshore" holding a baby. Feet in the sand, a warm sunscreen-ed up baby on my hip. Watching my husband swim with our friends and then with our oldest as he is growing. At first my arms ached to just go swimming by myself. No baby in my arms. Feet running, landing hard on the seashells that have dropped themselves at the shoreline, and then my toes hitting that crisp cool water. Running through the surf to the first wave and falling in. Just letting my body free fall to the first deep wave that hits my waist. I feel a strong coat of saltwater hit me in the face and I instantly feel younger, happy, free. And then I look back and they are screaming for me. I feel a warm burn in my chest and an ache in my arms for them. Right now, I am that happy place for them. Warm sand, shaded sunlight, sitting on the ground, under the umbrella. My babies are still learning to walk, not yet swimming. So I body surf the waves back to them. And suddenly they are screaming with delight as they watch me get closer with their arms outstretched. I can feel their fingertips so desperate for me to embrace them. So I do. And I let my cold wet body be instantly warmed by their hot skin as they squeal with delight saying, "your so cold mommy". And for now, this is my place. This is my moment. These. are the best times of my life. "ONSHORE"




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