Self Portrait, Part I

Self Portrait

Andrea Naylor Artwork Self Portrait

A friend gave me some special flowers and I did a self portrait series. These are taken on my tripod in my living room. My son joined me and felt it was art, so did I. This is my year of thirty-eight and I'm doing this in honor of a portrait series my grandmother did when she turned 40- with her sister. I remember she always cherished those photos of herself and said it was her "most beautiful years of her life". Those images of here struck me hard as a child- she looked like pure magic. At 40 she had that Santa twinkle in her eye, she wore beautiful dresses, and drank cocktails and was not afraid to speak her mind. And she loved my mother. This is her birthday month and for some reason this month always hits me hard. I miss my Grandmother so much. She passed away when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter. I would have loved for them to meet. I took these pictures because although she died in 2018, I still grieve for her. I miss her deeply. So I dedicate these images to her this month.

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