The Florida Native Confesses to a Preference for Summer...


I am over the moon and honored to share a recent feature in a local publication where I live (Door County, Wisconsin). I had the pleasure of sitting down in my studio for a virtual chat with Tom Groenfeldt as I shared with him my story of moving from country to country first as a Public Health Professional, then as an artist, and how I wound up calling this peninsula home. I shared my inspiration behind my work, my use of colors, and I just love how he captured my story with his words. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"...Naylor works in heavy acrylics, oil pastels on wood panels or canvas, gouache paints and neocolor crayons for quick sketches because they’re water soluble. She likes long-handled brushes in various sizes. 

“Longer handles help keep my paint strokes loose and relaxed,” she said on her website. “Lastly: my Polaroid camera. It helps me capture the exact light and shadows I’m painting in the moment. That way, if I get pulled away from a piece I’m working on, I can come back to it later.”

Her color palette shows her Florida heritage, she admits.

“I did get people commenting, ‘Wow, you’re not from here’ because of these colors,” Naylor said.

The soft, vibrant colors she captures in her photographs are local, but they are fleeting, appearing and dissolving within minutes during the early-morning light on the lake side of the peninsula and during the late afternoon on the bay side. To prove that these hues do indeed exist in Door County – although not as frequently as you can find them in Florida or California – she has photographed in Algoma, at Door County Land Trust locations, and across Green Bay.

On her blog, the Florida native confesses to a preference for summer..."

You can read the full story here


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