What bodies hold

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 I’ve been reflecting a lot on this season of my life. My childbearing years, being currently pregnant, and raising young children. It can (and does) feel like a whirlwind. Right now, I am 6 months pregnant and my life feels very full and I am in awe of what my body as a female, mother, and human is capable of.

I’ve been contemplating what our bodies actually “hold” as mothers. I’ve made a short list… Our bodies hold the next generation, the hopes and dreams of not only ourselves but our children. We are born with and hold in our bodies all the eggs in our uterus, and (when pregnant) our bodies hold milk that sustains new life. We hold the strength to carry and birth children and we hold as women the magic on how to make a house a home. Our bodies hold not only our own fears, but those of our children. Our bodies hold the strength of our female ancestors, and the ability to completely physically transform to bring souls through to this earth. What a miracle being pregnant is.

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