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Andrea Naylor Artwork Plein Air

Andrea Naylor Artwork


Clear skies, sunsets, the smell of a campfire. My bed sheets and my car is full of sand. Our skin remains sun-kissed from long days spent outside at the beach. I pull out my plein air box to paint a sailboat passing by as my children play in the sprinkler beside me. I am mixing colors, and stopping for popsicle breaks. My children bring me flowers, and bugs, and beg to go fishing. Their hands are sticky and we rinse them in the cool lake. What a wonderful season summer is. The nostalgia this season brings for me hits my soul in the most deep way. Like a cool clear swim in the Lake on a hot summer day. The way the sunset matches the flames in our bonfire. The way the world has changed, but there is still so much good. And so I pass each day by immersing myself in the present. To stay present, always counting my blessings, mixing my paint through the good and bad days, counting the waves, and kissing my children. 
I am so excited to share this body of work with you. Using simple lines and easy shapes, these pieces represent a very special and transformational time in my life.

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