June’s Pink Tulips

Flowers spring


“June’s Pink Tulips”. 22x30 Gouache and oil pastels on mulberry paper.

My most recent Flowers on Paper collection was an absolute JOY to paint. I always love to see what themes I’m drawn to exploring and painting during each pregnancy. It feels so special. Being drawn to painting flowers came as a complete surprise this spring!

This piece is extremely special. Let me share the story behind it: Every year on my birthday, I take the kids to a tulip patch to pick tulips. This year it was just me and my daughter, June. The tulip patch is all red, but this year to our delight, we found a small handful of the prettiest pink tulips! Her joy in finding these pink tulips was contagious. It’s simply a moment between us I’ll never forget. As I prepare to welcome another baby this year, I’ve been treasuring my one on one time I have with each of my children. These pink tulips represent a moment in time when she was still my “baby”, when I only had two, and the spring I was pregnant. The nostalgia and joy I feel from this moment and season of my life is frozen in time in this painting. 🌷🌷🌷

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