The Womb is a Body of Water

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Andrea Naylor Artist in Residency Motherhood Bodies of Water

Andrea Naylor Motherhood Artist in residency

While my brain feels paused as forgetfulness sets in, time ticks on seemingly too fast, and my body goes full tilt to grow a new soul. I always say being pregnant is my favorite part of being a human and despite this being my third pregnancy, I'm in complete awe over the metamorphosis my body goes through to bring life into this world. Pregnancy feels like "old magic" to me. Magic as old as being a human, being a woman... I love getting to experience it. I love reflecting on how my mother, my grandmother, and her own mother each experienced this process as an avenue to eventually bring me here earth-side- including my own children. In fact, if I stop to think about how powerful the roots of my ancestors are and still remain, strong waves of emotion wash over me. Being a mother is wonderful, old magical work that I feel that I was born to do. I love drinking it all in.

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