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Andrea Naylor Painting Large the Playful Project

Andrea Naylor

One of my goals for this “Playful Project” was to paint large. This week I started my 5th LARGE piece. I've used a variety of materials for my large works including un-stretched canvas, large archival paper, and masonite board (which my father introduced me to at a young age). I have loved seeing how different materials affect my process and my decision on what to paint and how. 

When I consider what "painting large" means for me, my thoughts led me down a wormhole of contemplation. When I initially started painting full time, all my work was very large. After having little success with sales of my larger work, I started painting smaller and smaller. So, I am not surprised that this "project" led me back to my first love of painting very large. Painting large for me simply means freedom, freedom to drag that brush full of paint over my canvas dripping deliciously on the floor as I go. Why? because I can. Painting large for me means permission, permission to express my ideas and my dreams in a way that is captivating, almost overpowering- in short an experience. I want my paintings to make my heart beat fast, to invoke deep emotions, to tell stories, and to have deep meaning that stretch beyond the length of my life on this planet. As I use colors, patterns, and symbolism to create my work, I think of my children and my legacy. I want my work to convey to my children that they can do anything, go anywhere, and be anything they want to be. I hope viewers of my work will also feel a sense of self-permission to do big things, follow their dreams, and take risks in their own lives despite those voices of doubt.

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