Self Portrait, Part II

Mother Motherhood Self Portrait

Andrea Naylor Artwork Self Portrait

This is the start of something really really beautiful and I'm logging it here in case it goes from caterpillar to butterfly stage within my lifetime. I have an immense love for portrait work. Whether it's photography or painting a portrait. In my opinion, a portrait is a timeless form of preserving that person in that moment. I think that is one of the things that has always drawn me to photography. Especially film photography. The process of shooting film for me feels slow and organic. It takes time to set up a shot, meter the light, set your shutter- and then starts the process of developing and processing the film. What a beautiful art form film photography is.

As a mother to two children ages 2 and 3, I draw an immense amount of inspiration from watching my children clamor for my attention and idolize me every day. In fact, photographing them is something I enjoy doing every day. I've never felt more loved (and more tired) in my entire life than I am when I'm around them. I decided to create this portrait series this month both for myself and for my children. I want to immortalize how they lovingly gaze at me 24 hours a day and how beautiful that makes me feel. 

Florals by Blossoms Flower House

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